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About Us

SHELTON’S SALON AND SPA has over 50 YEARS of commitment to beauty and service to their customers in the Metroplex.  Shelton’s goal has always been to provide a salon and spa that clients can trust for creative talent and excellent client service.

Starting in 1965 in what was Stripling’s Department Store, Shelton, while not classically trained for business followed his entrepreneurial instincts to open 3 more salons and the Ogle School of Hair Design which grew to 4 locations.  Shelton, along with his wife Linda have always tried to inspire the staff and students to the value they each bring to their clients.  There has always been a passion to present the Beauty Industry in a creative, professional and client centered environment.   In staffing the salons, spas and schools Shelton and Linda have been selective in choosing people who share their desire for being a leader in the industry.

While the Ogle Schools of Hair Design were sold in 2006, the salons continue to evolve with the inspiration of personal image for clients.  There is great pride in sustaining over 50 years commitment to service to clients and a reputation that continues to stand in high regards in the community.

Shelton and Linda thank their sons Eric and Sean and associate since 1981 Tim Wright and the staff members that have made it possible to fulfill a dream.